How to Transfer Money Amid Internet Outage in Nigeria

WhatsApp Banking amid internet connection outage

Currently, many African countries such as Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana and South Africa are suffering from internet connectivity outage that was caused by several damages to subsea cables across the west Africa coast and Red Sea.

The damages have caused disruption to internet services and many countries and organisations are experiencing slow internet speed, leading to service go offline. In Benin Republic and Cameron, there’s not internet at all. In South Africa and Nigeria, the internet speed is slow and many banks services go offline.

Banks like FCMB and Zenith Bank have urge customers to implement alternate banking services like POS and ATMs, citing that mobile app banking and internet banking are currently being affected by the subsea cables damages.

United Bank for Africa (UBA) is also being affected by the internet outage. UBA Mobile App, E-banking and USSD are currently offline. Infact, customers are complaining that the alternate options cited by the banks are also not working.

To cut the long story short, I have explain to you how I use UBA LEO to carryout transactions amid the internet outage in Nigeria. This method is currently going. If you need to send money to any bank in Nigeria, you can use WhatsApp Banking if your bank support it.

How I used UBA LEO to Send Money

It’s been three days that we’re out of internet connectivity in Nigeria. Banks and Internet services are currently offline. Even alternate methods introduced by bank officials are not working. I was frustrated because I couldn’t access my funds in my bank account.

Suddenly, I remembered that I used to use Leo on Messenger but I haven’t install Facebook Messenger on my new phone. I quickly went online to search for Leo WhatsApp Number; +234 903 001 0007.

I added the number to my contact list and I chatted him up. Immidiately, he responded that said “hello”. Then, he highlighted a list of services he can offer. I quickly choose option “E” which was “Send Money”. Then I follow the ongoing instructions to verify ownership of my account.

Banking transactioning with LEO

After, he asked me to input amount and redirected me to a page where I will input my banking PIN. I did as instructed and boom, I was asked to enter my recipient account number. When I entered the account number, the money was deducted from my account and sent to the recipient.

I transferred 2000 naira to a Moniepoint Account within a minute, and without hassles. I was happy and I could able to use money that fateful night. Infact, Leo gave me receipt for the transaction.

Bank transactioning completed with LEO

In essence, amidst the ongoing internet connectivity outage in Africa, you can simply implement your Bank’s WhatsApp Banking or Facebook Banking to carry-out transactions and pay Bills. However, there’s a limit of N20,000 per day.

WhatsApp Banking will save you from sending money hassles amid the internet outage in Nigeria. Besides, Subsea Cable Engineers have said it may take weeks or even months to repairs the damaged cables.


It’s important to let you know that to transact with Leo on WhatsApp, the Chatbot must confirm the ownership of your UBA Account through your number. In other words, the number attached to your WhatsApp you’re using to chat LEO must be the same with the one linked with your UBA Account.

If the number doesn’t match, you will not be allowed to use LEO. The chatbot will give error message like the one highlighted in the image below.

Leo Account Verification

Once you pass the account verification processes, you can begin to transact with LEO. You can use the UBA chatbot to update your NIN, check account balance, top up mobile data and internet, send money, pay bill like Electricity, and many other banking services.