Finding Messiah: Nollywood Movie with a Vibrant Ancient Civilization Story

Finding Messiah

The “Finding Messiah” is a vibrant Nollywood Movie directorial debut with a political music drama. Oscar Heman-Ackah, a music executive and creative entrepreneur from Ghana and Nigeria, steps into the world of feature film direction with his debut “Finding Messiah,” a political music drama.

Finding Messiah” centers on The Republic of Zambay, a fictional ancient civilization with its unique culture, language, and values.

Written and directed by Oscar, the movie stars esteemed talents such as Pete Edochie, Ngozi Ezeonu, Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett, Alex Usifo, and Ejike Asiegbu. Additionally, it stars veteran Nigerian galala singer Daddy Showkey, alongside Sunshine Rosman, Bucci Franklin, and Uzi Kwednu.

Oscar’s Commitment to Finding Messiah

I’m thrilled to share a bit about making “Finding Messiah.” It was tough, especially creating the imaginary world of Zambay. We had to make everything from scratch to make it feel real – houses, offices, streets, you name it.

I owe a big thank you to my team who worked tirelessly, facing tough conditions. And to the cast and crew who trusted me with their time and talent. My family’s support and prayers kept me going, especially my amazing wife.

And I can’t forget to thank God for giving me the idea and the resources to bring it to life.

But enough talk. Today, I’m excited to show you a sneak peek of “Finding Messiah.” It’s a mix of politics, music, and drama, with a great soundtrack. So, let’s watch the teaser and dive into the world of Zambay together, – Oscar disclosed these on his Instagram profile.

Finding Messiah Release Date and Where to Download

The movie “Finding Messiah” is not out yet. The trailer is only being released on YouTube. However, it’s never known whether the movie will be available for streaming on Netflix, Showmax or Amazon Prime.

Currently, Finding Messiah is not available for download on any movies downloading sites, not even WhatsApp and Telegram Channels. You need to wait till the original movie is released before you start thinking of downloading it. Precisely, you will be able to download it on the streaming platforms where the movie is released.

For instance, if Finding Messiah is released on YouTube, Netflix and Showmax, then you can download it if you’re a premium subscriber of the platform.

Nevertheless, Finding Messiah OFFICIAL TRAILER IS NOW: