Delete These Free Apps From Your Android Right Now

Malicious Apps to Delete

Google is certainly trying its best to keep its Play Store users off these malicious applications by removing them as fast as possible. However, these malicious apps are still getting in your Android device in one way or the other.

Developers of these apps are are hiding identities to upload these malicious apps on Play Store. But as soon as Google detect such apps, it will take it down to protect it users. These apps are also getting into your Android via Xender and other related file sharing apps.

In essence, ensure to uninstall these free Android apps you may have installed, even if you initially deemed them safe. Google has already taken them down from the Play Store, and it’s crucial to remove them from your smartphone if they’re still present.

These apps include:

  • Run VPN
  • Yellow Flash VPN
  • CaptainDroid Apps
  • Android 12 Launcher
  • Android 13 Launcher
  • Android 14 Launcher
  • CpatainDroid Feeds
  • Free Old Classic Movies
  • Phone Comparison
  • Lite VPN
  • Shine Secure
  • Blaze Stride
  • Speed Surf
  • Anims Keyboard
  • Byte Blade VPN
  • Fast Fox VPN
  • Oko VPN
  • Turbo Tunnel VPN
  • Turbo Track VPN
  • Secure Thunder
  • Phone App Launcher
  • Fast Fly VPN
  • Fast Line VPN
  • Quick Flow VPN
  • Swift Shield VPN
  • Sample VPN

As you can see, the majority of these applications are free VPN services. The mentioned apps redirected traffic through devices where they were installed, engaging in activities such as advertising fraud, credential stuffing, and password spraying.

I strongly recommend choosing paid VPN services like ProtonVPN, which I personally endorse. Additionally, ProtonVPN offers a free tier for those who prefer not to pay for the service.

In conclusion, it is imperative to remain vigilant when downloading and using free Android apps, particularly VPN services, as they may pose significant security risks. The highlighted apps engaged in fraudulent activities, underscoring the importance of opting for reputable, paid alternatives like ProtonVPN. By prioritizing security and choosing trusted services, you can better safeguard your devices and personal information from potential threats.