Apple’s Bold Move: Introducing the Premium iPhone 17 Slim

iPhone 17

Apple has always managed to stay ahead of the curve. As the year 2025 approached, in an exciting development for tech enthusiasts, Apple is set to overhaul its iPhone lineup next year by retiring the Plus model and launching a new “Slim” version.

The stage was set for the arrival of the iPhone 17, an engineering marvel that promised to revolutionize the smartphone industry once again.

The concept for a thinner iPhone started taking shape in the minds of Apple’s top engineers and designers in early 2023. With each iteration of the iPhone, Apple had pushed the boundaries of design and functionality.

However, the iPhone 17 was envisioned to be something special—an embodiment of sleek design, advanced technology, and environmental sustainability.

Although, initial speculations suggested that the iPhone 17 Slim would merely be a thinner alternative to the Plus model, but recent reports reveal a much more ambitious plan.

Contrary to earlier beliefs, the iPhone 17 Slim will not just be a thin counterpart to the Plus. Instead, it is poised to become the most premium model in the lineup, outpricing even the iPhone 17 Pro Max.

This move underscores Apple’s recent trend of prioritizing slimness, as seen with the release of the 13″ iPad Pro, which is the thinnest device the company has ever made. More so, according to AppleInsider Forum, “Apple Watch Series X might get new and thinner motherboard material.”

Design and Specifications

One of the key innovations that will enable the creation of the thinner iPhone 17 was the introduction of resin-coated copper (RCC) material for the motherboard.

This tech allowed for a significantly thinner and lighter motherboard, freeing up internal space for other components. The use of RCC also improved manufacturing efficiency and cost-effectiveness, a critical factor in mass production.

The iPhone 17 Slim is expected to introduce a significant design evolution, drawing comparisons to the revolutionary shift seen with the iPhone X. It will be “significantly thinner” than any previous iPhone, and there are discussions about employing an aluminum chassis to achieve this sleek look.

iPhone 17 slims

While the design is not yet finalized, several features are being considered, including a smaller Dynamic Island and a centrally located rear camera island. The exact screen size of the iPhone 17 Slim remains a mystery.

Previous rumors suggested it would be smaller than the iPhone 15 Plus, but this has yet to be confirmed. Apple is still exploring various design options to ensure the new model stands out in both aesthetics and functionality.


The decision to discontinue the Plus model stems from its poor sales performance. Apple aims to position the new Slim iPhone as a halo model, expected to attract significantly more consumer interest and attention than the Plus model ever did. This strategic shift highlights Apple’s adaptability and keen sense of market trends.

The iPhone 17 Slim represents a bold leap forward for Apple, combining cutting-edge technology with a sleek, premium design. As Apple continues to innovate, the new Slim model is set to become a flagship device that not only redefines the iPhone lineup but also reinforces Apple’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and design.