Anikulapo: The Rise of Spectre (Season 2 Suspense)

Anikulapo: The rise of the Spectre

Anikulapo, the rise of the Spectre, a continuity of Anikulapo 2022. The 2022 Anikulapo was Kunle Afolayan’s production in partnership with Netflix. However, the latest Anikulapo season is a Netflix series of 2024 written and produced by Teledalase Ayomide Ogundepe.

The movie was shot in Oyo State, Nigeria. And the movie talk so much about our culture (Yoruba culture). Anikulapo was produced and shot on a 40 acres (16 ha) with all infrastructure and buildings all built from scratch to suit the production, just like Jagunjagun of Femi Adebayo.

Currently, Anikulapo stops in Season one episode six with many suspense. The movie leave streamers with many doubt about what may happens in the season two.

Now, looking at it from this side, Bashorun and the three spectres were going back to the gatekeeper to see whether they’re will be allowed to pass through the gate to heaven. It’s never to be seen whether the gate keeper will allow them in.

Meanwhile, remember that Saro’s tool for killing and the only thing that can turn him back to spectre is with Bashorun. So, many people are thinking that the gate keeper may send Bashorun back to Earth to complete Saro’s mission; out of 20 people that Saro needs to kill, he had only killed three, remaining seventeen.

It’s also never to be seen whether the three spectres will be allowed to pass through the gate. However, remember that Sisi Quadri, one of the three Spectres is dead in real life…we haven’t know who will continue his roll in Anikulapo Season 2.

Meanwhile, Anikulapo doesn’t look like Movie that will end in just six episodes. The movie will still continue.

Furthermore, the Ede people have taken away King’s Daughter. It’s never to be seen whether Awolaran will rise knights to go fight for his lover’s freedom at Ede village.

The life of Saro haven’t ended yet; it’s never been seen if he will remain on Earth till the end of life, or he will have to accomplish his mission. If he will have to continue his mission, what tool will he use, who will accomplish his mission or how will the mission be accomplished. The remaining seventeen people will live for eternity if they’re not killed by a God sent.

We never know what will happen to Olori Arolake; maybe the King will take her back. Remember that, IFA said she must return to OYO and sacrifices must be done to stop Akala calamities in OYO.

In a nutshell, Anikulapo, the rise of the Spectre, still have a long way to go. The Netflix series cannot end in just episode six of season one. Season 2 will sure be out soon. You can still update to eat on this page or join our social media platforms to get our latest update. Cheers!