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“You have to go through this process; embrace it, bro,” Cubana Chief Priest advises in light of VDM’s prison stay.



Popular Nigerian socialite Cubana Chief Priest has written a motivational message to VeryDarkMan amid his time in prison.

While advocating for his release, the entertainer emphasized that every successful individual has experienced similar challenges.

Cubana Chief Priest believes that enduring hardships is essential for achieving greatness in life, echoing the sentiment of “no pain, no gain.”

Accompanying a photo of VeryDarkMan on his Instagram page, he expressed:

“As an activist, you must pass through this kind of process @verydarkblackman. Enjoy the process, bro. The end justifies the means. This is what you have always wanted—always ready to prove a point regardless. The only man I know that comfortably rejects money. It’s well, No pain, no gain. One thing is for sure: darkness can never overcome light. See you at the top soon, Legendary. All of us great people have passed through this very process. Stand strong, brother man. Police is our friend. #FreeVDM”

While some internet users joined him in advocating for VeryDarkMan’s release, others expressed concerns about his prolonged absence from the public eye.

Here are some of the comments:

@cjc_00_: “He should remain in prison; he talks too much.”

@luicee_fabrics: “You people should keep hailing him and not correct him when he does wrong.”

@potential_candy: “Wait, sir, until the day he will call you out too, or poke nose in your family’s business. Do not forget to praise him.”

@mohammedoluwadamilola: “What is even important about this guy? It’s you, Davido, and Mufasa that have given this guy backup.”

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