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Tochi criticizes Nigerians for their insensitivity and ignorance of Junior Pope’s tragic passing.



Tochi, a popular reality TV star, criticizes Nigerians who prioritized posting updates over giving proper attention to the late actor, Junior Pope.

Taking to his Instagram story, Tochi called out the insensitive individuals who rushed to the scene of the boating accident, where Junior Pope and other crew members lost their lives, solely to share updates.

Throughout the incident, he noticed the lack of basic CPR efforts, with many individuals spreading unverified rumors and needlessly stirring emotions.

In his words: “Yesterday just proved that people are very insensitive and ignorant people flocking the location just to post updates, No basic CPR, reporting nonsense and dragging people on a roller coaster of emotions from unconfirmed reports!!!

“The heartbreaking thing is, if you check all the videos posted yesterday you won’t find any trace of an Ambulance or any emergency response unit like people were literally carrying his body up and down…”