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“I couldn’t secure a job in Nigeria due to my tattoo,” Asake lamented.



Popular Nigerian musician Ahmed Ololade, also known as Asake, shared his struggle in finding employment in Nigeria due to his tattoos, particularly one on his neck. In an interview featured in the latest edition of GQ magazine, Asake explained how stereotypes hindered his job prospects and business opportunities.

According to Asake, having a neck tattoo in Nigeria often leads to discrimination, making it challenging to secure employment or engage in business activities. He emphasized that this societal perception restricted his options significantly.

In his words;

“In Nigeria, if you have a tattoo on your neck, you can’t work anywhere. I can’t work for any company. I can’t sell anything.”

Reflecting on his journey to fame, Asake debunked the notion of overnight success in the Nigerian music industry. He revealed that despite his rapid rise to prominence with hits like “Yoga,” he had been striving for success for many years before achieving recognition.

Asake highlighted the misconception that success happens suddenly, emphasizing the years of hard work and dedication that preceded his breakthrough. He emphasized the importance of recognizing the effort and perseverance behind every achievement, rather than focusing solely on the outcome.

He said; “You have to understand: I got there in two years, but I’ve been working for years. People are counting the days you’re successful. They don’t count the days you’ve been working towards it. Nobody gives a fvck about that.”