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” I don’t regard her ” Daniel Regha talks about issues with Toyin Abraham. ( video)



Daniel Regha clarifies his stance on Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham, explaining that while he doesn’t despise her, he doesn’t hold her in high regard due to their differences.

In July 2023, Daniel Regha declined an invitation from Toyin Abraham after giving her film “Ijakumo” a negative review. Despite his respect for her, he disagrees with her support for the current government post-EndSARS protest.

During a recent podcast, Omotara Akanni labeled Daniel Regha’s remarks and actions as bullying. He emphasized that his opinions about Toyin Abraham don’t stem from hatred but from a lack of regard.

Daniel Regha expressed frustration at not being among the first to watch the movie and giving his review, receiving it from a neighbor instead.

watch video below: