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Karen Binns, Wizkid’s stylist, includes him in the list of ‘hardcore’ men in her life.



Karen Binns, the creative director and stylist for Wizkid, affectionately describes him as one of the hardcore men in her life.

In a recent interview, the New York-based American stylist emphasized the importance of self-worth, asserting that individuals lacking it are essentially useless.

Recalling her initial encounter with the late American artist Jean Michel Basquiat, she fondly remembers playfully slapping his face, which led to a lasting friendship.

Binns, the celebrity stylist, sees similarities between Jean Michel Basquiat, renowned designer Andre Walker, and Wizkid, considering them all hardcore men in her life.

According to her, despite occasional arguments and fights, the actions of these three men are always genuine and heartfelt.

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