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“I’m wary of a woman who won’t spend on me.” – Joeboy



Joeboy finds it unappealing when a woman in a relationship doesn’t contribute financially.

Popular Nigerian singer, Joseph Akinwale, widely known as Joeboy, has disclosed that a woman’s unwillingness to spend money on him is his biggest relationship red flag.

During an interview with Tacha Akide at CoolFm Lagos, Joeboy made this revelation while discussing various topics, including relationship red flags.


Joeboy reiterated his discomfort with a partner’s lack of financial investment, emphasizing that he doesn’t expect her to cover all expenses.

He clarified that he doesn’t require her entire wealth, as he’s willing to compensate for her contributions.

Notably, the musician disclosed that he has invested over N50 million in his undisclosed partner over the past two years.

Joeboy 1

Joeboy recently shared his aspiration to emulate renowned musicians and producers Olamide and Don Jazzy.

During a podcast hosted by Joey Akan on Afrobeats Intelligence, Joeboy expressed admiration for Don Jazzy and Olamide for their influential contributions to the music industry.

Additionally, he expressed optimism about the future after departing from his previous record label to establish his own and support emerging artists.

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