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” I cry while recording certain songs”. Tems revealed



Tems confessed that she sheds tears during the recording process because some of her songs hold deep personal significance to her.

The “Try Me” singer, Temilade Openiyi, known as Tems, opened up about her emotional connection to her music during an interview with Billboard. She revealed that many of her songs, produced mainly through freestyles, evoke strong emotions in her, leading to tears.

“I cried while making some of my songs because they’re very personal to me,” Tems disclosed.

When asked about her sources of inspiration, the 28-year-old artist cited her life experiences, coupled with the influence of music legends like Frank Ocean, Asa, and Sade, as major inspirations driving her creative process.

“What inspires me most is the season that I am in in life coupled with music that I’ve heard, people that I love; Frank Ocean, Asa, Sade, those are the people that inspired me, and helped me in my creative process.”

Meanwhile, popular Nigerian content creator Layi Wasabi celebrated receiving two nominations for the AMVCA awards show. Known for his engaging social media content, Layi expressed gratitude to the organizers for recognizing his work.

Layi earned nominations in the best digital content creator category for two of his viral projects. In response to the nominations, he shared a picture of himself and expressed his appreciation to Africa Magic for the acknowledgment.