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“Do you think Liam will call you his grandfather after justice is served and DNA has been done? Get the court order!” –Mohbad’s widow, Wunmi, tells her father-in-law.



Wunmi, the widow of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad, has taken to social media to express her sentiments towards her father-in-law, Mr. Joseph Aloba.

She questioned her father-in-law’s motives for allegedly defaming her son, despite his initial happiness when she shared the news of her pregnancy.

Wunmi disclosed that she hadn’t planned to conceive initially, but Mr. Joseph purportedly had a vision of her giving birth to a grandson.

Despite his earlier support for her pregnancy, she couldn’t comprehend why Mr. Joseph had now distanced himself from her and her son.

“Why is he trying to defame the treasure his son left behind?” Wunmi pondered.

She also pondered whether her father-in-law would still expect her son, Liam, to acknowledge him as his grandfather given the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s passing.

Wunmi’s remarks come after Mohbad’s father reiterated his stance in an interview, insisting that his son’s remains would not be reinterred without a DNA test confirming his paternity.

In her message, Wunmi implored her father-in-law to obtain a court order for the DNA test, hoping to silence her detractors once and for all.

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