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“Actress Nancy Isime addresses rumors of undergoing BBL surgery.”



Actress Nancy Isime has addressed ongoing speculation regarding rumors of her undergoing plastic surgery to enhance her buttocks. She clarified that she intentionally gained weight for a movie role in 2022, coinciding with the rumors, and later embarked on a rigorous fitness journey to shed the extra pounds.

Rumors have circulated suggesting that Nancy underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift to enlarge her buttocks. Some even accused her of falsely attributing her physique solely to gym workouts.

Recently, new videos surfaced showing the actress appearing slimmer with a smaller posterior, leading to speculation that she may have removed the butt implants due to fatigue.

Nancy has finally responded to the rumors, disclosing her intentional weight gain for a movie role in 2022, around the time the rumors began. She initially planned to shed the weight afterward.

However, losing the weight proved more challenging than anticipated, requiring over a year of dedicated fitness efforts to achieve her desired physique.

Amid laughter, Nancy expressed amusement at the rumors, finding the speculation about her alleged butt implants bursting to be entertaining and adding a touch of scandal to her otherwise uneventful life.

Sharing her transformation photos, she wrote,

“I’m Nancy Isime, Of course I achieve everything I set my mind on

I’m a high Value Woman, Of course I set personal goals and smash them as I please

I’m an Actor, Of course my body is also an expression of my art

WE DID IT finally Guys!

I’m not gonna lie, deciding to add weight for a role in 2022 and lose it right after was a LOT more challenging than I expected it to be.
Took me wayyyy longer and wayyyy too much effort to get the weight off
I was too sure I’d lose the weight in 2weeks, just before filming my next project at the time but yeah!
My metabolism failed meeee
I dragged the weight for over a year and across a few more projects
Never again!!

Happy to be back at my healthiest weight, even smashing my Goal by at least 3 extra KG.
My goal was my 2020 No Sugar July Challenge results but we surpassed that.
Infact, na beg everybody dey beg me because na Supermodel dey my eyes no

I would have given tips but I kinda like the narrative of my yansh bursting, adds a lirru Razzmatazz to my boring Online Personality
Because what do you mean I’m just a girl who works hard, focuses on her craft, loves one man, keeps her circle tight, maintains her lane and Minds her Business 24/7…Nah!
Bring on the conspiracy theories please, just be a little creative, stop embarrassing your Secondary School principal

To my realest Gees, thank you for your unwavering Love and support
To many more crazy decisions ”

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