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“According to TV Host Morayo Afolabi-Brown, Nigerians shouldn’t critique Bobrisky unless he’s been found guilty of breaking the law.” (Watch video)



Nigerian TV Host Morayo Afolabi-Brown has weighed in on Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky winning the Best Dressed Female category at a recent movie premiere.

Social media erupted in debate after Bobrisky, a self-proclaimed transgender, was awarded one million naira for the title at the premiere of “Beast of Two Worlds.”

Morayo highlighted the dual perspective on Bobrisky within Nigeria: while some oppose his lifestyle, others acknowledge the legal consequences, including up to 14 years imprisonment for same-sex relationships.

She emphasized, “As long as this person has not broken any law, as long as the law has not arrested shim for anything, we have no right to criticize shim for winning a competition that shim has offered herself to.”

Morayo noted Bobrisky’s status as a protected individual who has never faced legal action for his choices or disclosed details about his partner’s gender.

She expressed confusion over the controversy surrounding Bobrisky’s victory, questioning why people take offense at him winning a female competition after transitioning.

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