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A Nigerian woman cries out after her boyfriend disappears with her business funds totaling N10 million. (Video)



A Nigerian woman shared her distressing story on social media. She tearfully recounted how her boyfriend disappeared with all the money she had saved for her business.

Identified as @painless_555 on TikTok, she had diligently saved N10 million over three years, hoping to invest it in her business.

However, her dreams were crushed when her trusted boyfriend, whom she had relied on, vanished with all her savings.

In her emotional post, she revealed her anguish and depression, expressing the pain of being betrayed.

watch video below


What will i do nowwww 😭😂

♬ Uwa Mu O – Stanley Okorie
Netizens Reactions…
Queen_Glory_Naya said; “So sorry dear, but was the 10m cash? How could he do such transaction without your notice?”

Veeve_chinny said; “Shrine no dy ona villiage?

Lolo reacted; “Post his picture and his family.” 

Vivian reacted; “Una no get village wey get charm.

Favourite said; “I’m so sorry, report to the police with his picture and phone number so he can be traced.” 

Cale reacted; “Naso people wey Sabi native doctor house plenty for comment section.”

Taurus pirate reacted; “How una take dey trust people self because my mama don complain tire, I don’t even trust my mum na man or friend I go trust.