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Skitmaker says if you cheat on your man in return, it shows you don’t love him. (Video)



Phoebe, a female skitmaker, firmly believes that cheating on your boyfriend in retaliation for his infidelity indicates a lack of love for him. Her stance garnered considerable support from others.

She emphasizes that women typically have more to lose when they cheat, unlike men who often face fewer consequences for their actions.

Phoebe stresses that resorting to cheating as a form of revenge is unnecessary. Instead, she advocates for ending the relationship if forgiveness is not possible after a partner’s infidelity.

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some reactions to the video below

sarahbarbiiee asked: “How woman go suffer if she cheat back??? I don’t seee how women suffer no matter what, this thinking is sooo low, please women will not suffer, they will be happy no matter what.”

chisoull claimed: “The more guy cheat na the more longer him dick and fresher him go dey.. I no kon know for women o ”

mira_daniels wrote: “They don’t know nah .. you don’t owe anyone your self respect, you owe yourself that self respect and dignity … because he or she cheats and you think the best payback is cheating , my darling you are loose and looking for excuse .. best thing is walk away.”

last_born_goody opined: “If a man sleep with your best friend and you do the same to his best friend in the name of “pay back” …madam it’s 2-0 incase you don’t know ”

haa_beebat questioned: “Who said men have nothing to loose? You both have something to loose”