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To get belle come dey fear person – Netizens React As Woman Narrates How Pregnancy Affected Her two Eyes (VIDEO)



A Nigerian woman has narrated a story of how pregnancy affected her two eyes.

In an online video that went so viral, she displayed an abnormal growth around her eyes, that left the viewers shocked.

While admitting that other pregnant women may have been lucky to only have skin related issues, she showed her deep concern regarding the effect on her eyes.

The woman showed showed the growth that occurred inside her eyelid, with one of them that is bigger than others.

The surprising thing is, these growths began to occur when she was one month pregnant.

While she was seeking medical advise, the doctors confirmed with her that indeed, it was caused by pregnancy.

At 36 weeks gestation, she was told that she will undergo surgery, after the birth of her child, to resolve the issue.

In a shor-time, viewers expressed their opinions.

The video has gotten lots of concerns and attention from online users.

As the video continues to go viral, people are expressing their concern for support, well-being and encouragement during this hard time.

Watch the video below,