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Skit maker Erekere has recently spent a substantial amount on a new Mercedes Benz GLE. (Video)



Renowned skit maker Erekere has stirred reactions with reports indicating he has invested millions of naira in acquiring a new Mercedes Benz GLE for himself.

In a widely circulated video, the comedic content creator, known for his humorous portrayals of adept thievery, posed proudly beside his newly acquired grey-colored Mercedes Benz GLE 450.

The caption accompanying the video read: “Congratulations my brother Erekere.”

The video prompted varied reactions. While some online users extended congratulations for his latest acquisition, others questioned the source of his wealth, speculating whether it solely stemmed from his skit-making endeavors.

Here are some reactions:

Talent remarked: “Seems like it’s the trend now. Who will lend me a camera, and I can act, right?”

Melosoj pondered: “Another Benz within a year. Shouldn’t I start making skits too?”

Marcopolo122 inquired: “Are they using skits to acquire Benz? Just curious.”

AGS Daily cheered: “Congratulations to him ”

CeoYopy exclaimed: “Erekere has bought a Benz too? Ah, are we sure skit-making isn’t the ultimate path to success like this? ”

waiyaz4 raised doubts: “Are we certain he didn’t steal this Benz?”

Daniel joked: “I don’t trust this boy maybe he stole it . Congratulations though, he deserves it; he works so hard ”

Watch video below: