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Odumodublvck reminisces about the time when Olamide generously gifted him $20,000 and paid for his first experience on a private jet.



Odumodublvck, a popular rapper, shares the story of Olamide’s generosity, revealing how the acclaimed artist provided him with $20K and arranged his first-ever private jet experience, all without seeking recognition. This revelation came during an online video session with fans on social media.

During the session, Odumodublvck criticized those who boast about their acts of kindness, contrasting them with Olamide’s discreet support. He commended Olamide for his humility and genuine assistance, highlighting the rapper’s generosity.

According to Odumodublvck, Olamide’s generosity extended to putting him on his first private jet, an experience that left a lasting impression. Additionally, Olamide gave him a substantial sum of $20K, which he found remarkable given Olamide’s humility in not publicizing the gesture.

Following Odumodublvck’s revelation, fans expressed admiration for Olamide’s discreet generosity, with many praising his maturity and genuine support for others. They contrasted his approach with those who seek validation for their acts of kindness.

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