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“A South African woman, 36, was stunned to become a grandmother when her 19-year-old daughter gave birth without her knowledge.”



A South African makeup artist has shared her reaction on social media after discovering her 19-year-old daughter had conceived a baby boy without her knowledge.

Taking to Twitter (X), the lady identified as @Iamgwegweogoso expressed her astonishment at becoming a grandmother at an early age. She was severely shocked and surprised that her daughter managed to hide the pregnancy for nine months until she gave birth.

In her tweet, she wrote,

“My 19-year-old daughter made me a granny at the age of 36; I’m still shook and traumatized. She hid the pregnancy for 9 months up until her water broke. After God, fear ama 2000.”

The 36-year-old granny revealed that she had given birth to her daughter at the age of 18, and her daughter has been a wonderful part of her life.

She further expressed her disappointment and unhappiness that her daughter had to follow in her footsteps, wishing her daughter had achieved more before settling down.

“I’m also mad that she hid it from me because I could have planned better. And as for that little baby boy, I will love and raise him as my own son. He’s a huge blessing to me and the family.”

As expected, the tweet has stirred varying reactions from social media users. Some opined that the girl followed in her mother’s steps, while others disapproved of her decision to hide the pregnancy due to unexpected health challenges.

see her tweets below: