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“A woman was shocked when her husband, after taking her to a hotel restaurant for dinner, unexpectedly asked her to come upstairs to his hotel room with the simple instruction: ‘When you’re done, come upstairs.'” ( video)



Hilarious reactions ensued after a TikTok clip shared by @queen_modest93 captured a man telling his wife to join him in his hotel room after dining.

Noticing his wife’s reluctance, he jokingly threatened to make her wash the dishes if she didn’t comply.

The wife, who posted the video, expressed her surprise, as she had no inkling of her husband’s intentions beyond a simple outing.

Her husband had taken her to a hotel restaurant for a meal, checking on her comfort throughout. He then sprung the request for her to join him in his room after dining, claiming the reception would guide her.

Taken aback, she questioned if that was his motive for the outing, reminding him of their recent parenthood.

Below are some of the comments,

@mayorsoj:  LMAO If I were his wife , I’ll go upstairs and charge him afterwards

@veronicasdaughter:  I just had a baby…Oga say, that one concern you. I second the motion. Nne, come upstairs.

@faithwinsazi:  She say “wait who I be to you sef” … Aunty eat sharp sharp Dey go upstairs abeg, leave talk Husband of life

@sashvicky:   Y’all don’t know how to spice up y’all marriage… I didn’t find nothing offensive here.. She whining

Watch the video below,