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Video captured the moment a Caucasian lady requested a photo with Portable and even asked him to hold her baby. (Video)



Renowned singer Portable proudly showcases his international acclaim as a Caucasian lady eagerly requests a photo with him holding her baby.

Taking to his Instagram page, the singer shared a video from his recent trip to Italy.

In the footage, the Caucasian lady, pushing her baby in a stroller, spots the music sensation.

Clearly starstruck, she approaches him and asks for a photo, even requesting him to hold her baby for the shot.

Portable, basking in his newfound international recognition, shares the video on his page, captioning it with pride: “Akoi Grace. International Zazuu.”

watch video below:

Comments by netizens:

king__dren135 said: “Who dey always style this boy they can do better nah”

team_abel said: “Even oyinbo babies understand GRACE”

officialskyz said: “Elizabeth Joyce with the grace”

zerotwo_Ofour said: “Who dey style this dude cos”

kallystouch said: “Grace speaks louder than hard work”

edo_celebrities said: “Ika of Africa & if you’re an upcoming artist, emulate Portable he get why”

official_doctor_zo said: “Ika of African! #brotherhood”