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“Tell the world the truth you know about your husband’s death or face the consequences” – Primeboy, friend of Mohbad, warns Wunmi as he files a petition against her.



Primeboy, childhood friend of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad, has publicly addressed Mohbad’s widow, Wunmi, urging her to reveal what she claims to know about Mohbad’s death or face the consequences.

In addition, Primeboy has lodged a petition against Wunmi, accusing her of making threats against his life, falsely accusing him, and allegedly involving law enforcement to coerce a false confession regarding causing harm to Mohbad before his demise.

Accompanying his statement, Primeboy, also an aspiring singer, shared a photo of the petition, stating,

“I warned you to refrain from mentioning my name… Yet, you persisted… Now, it’s time to disclose to the world the truth you purportedly possess about what led to your boyfriend Mohbad’s demise… or prepare to face the repercussions!”

See his post below,

In related developments, Dr. Richard Somaiari, the director of Lagos State DNA and Forensic Centre, has provided insights into the timeline for releasing the initial autopsy findings of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad.

During a coroner’s inquest held on Wednesday, the medical professional indicated that the autopsy process would be finalized within the upcoming three to four weeks.

Mohbad, aged 27, tragically passed away on September 12, 2023, under circumstances yet to be determined, prompting both the Lagos state government and the public to demand an investigation into the cause of his demise.

Addressing the coroner, Magistrate Adedayo Shotobi, during the proceedings at the Ikorodu Magistrate’s Court, Dr. Somaiari disclosed,

“We anticipate receiving the preliminary autopsy results within three to four weeks, which will then undergo further verification to confirm the cause of death.” He further explained the meticulous process undertaken to explore various potential causes, including the possibility of poisoning, considering the absence of a specific cause mentioned.

Dr. Somaiari reassured that stringent measures are in place to ensure the safekeeping and integrity of the autopsy results, emphasizing the established protocols for handling and monitoring samples sent abroad for analysis.