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Samklef responds to Adekunle Gold, advising him to cultivate a sense of gratitude in his wife, Simi.



Music producer Samklef responded to singer Adekunle Gold’s stern warning against mentioning his wife, Simi.

Recalling a past moment, Samklef nearly pursued a relationship with Adekunle Gold’s wife after her breakup with her ex-partner named Lekan.

Expressing frustration, Samklef criticized individuals, including Simi, whom he had assisted, for their perceived ingratitude, shaping his perspective on helping others. He expressed his willingness to forgive Simi if she apologized, but warned of continuous reminders if she didn’t.

Adekunle Gold called him out, instructing him to cease mentioning his wife’s name, stating she owed him nothing.

In response, Samklef advised Adekunle Gold to cultivate gratitude in his wife and focus on promoting his music career. Samklef reminded Adekunle Gold of their past collaboration on the “Suwe” graphics and suggested he prioritize his song promotion efforts instead of seeking attention.

He also questioned if he had sought Simi’s help and reminded Adekunle Gold of his past assistance in transporting her around with her ex-partner Lekan.

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