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Daniel Regha responds to Rema’s claim of being among the ‘Big 3’.



Twitter personality Daniel Regha has expressed his disagreement with Afrobeat artist Rema’s claim of being on par with the “Big 3” in the music industry.

Rema’s assertion, which stirred discussions about the greatest Nigerian musicians on social media, was met with criticism from Daniel Regha. He described Rema as an “upcomer” with only one successful song to his name, despite his global recognition. Daniel emphasized that being a worldwide celebrity doesn’t automatically place Rema in the top tier of artists.

According to Daniel, no newcomer has yet achieved enough to be considered among the top 10 artists. Despite their accomplishments, it will take them years to reach the level of iconic musicians.

In his statement, Daniel wrote: “Rema is still an upcomer in the music game with just one hit song at the moment. He’s a global sensation, but that doesn’t qualify him for the top category. For the record, no newcomer has done enough to be in the ‘Top 10’ debate. Despite their achievements, it will take years for them to reach the level of icons. No shades.”

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