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Wale Jana explains why women are drawn to Portable despite his rough personality.



Nigerian entrepreneur, Wale Jana, sheds light on the methods controversial musician, Portable, uses to impress women despite his controversial behavior.

This revelation comes amid the public drama between Portable and his first wife, Omobewaji, over her self-proclaimed title as a Queen, which led to her removing the posts due to backlash.

Similarly, Portable has faced public conflicts with his other wives, including actress Ashabi Simple, who also received online criticism some months ago.

In a post featuring Portable and his first wife, Omobewaji, Wale Jana discussed why his wives tolerate Portable’s problematic behavior.

The father of three emphasized that Portable’s ability to provide for his household is what holds his family together.

According to Wale Jana, Portable meets the basic needs of his family, which many other men struggle to achieve. He suggests that these qualities are what Portable uses to attract women.

in his words :

“I see many people insult Portable; they said he is too loud, he looks dirty he needs to go for full body scrub, they wonder what those women are doing with him bla bla.

May you hug this common sense in Jesus Name.”

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