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Couple exchanged roles and attire for their wedding ceremony.



A photo of a couple exchanging roles and attire for their wedding has sparked discussions online.

The caption reads: “This couple swapped roles for their wedding as a sign of commitment to each other , Thoughts?”

In the picture, the man and woman are dressed in each other’s clothes. The man wears a wedding dress while the woman wears a suit.

Usually, the man proposes to the woman, but here, the woman proposed to the man while wearing his suit.

The couple also displayed their rings, and there’s a moment captured where the woman, dressed in a suit, hugs the man from behind.

Social media users shared their thoughts in the comments section.

see post below:

See some reactions below:

Eric Mariani: “This is sickening, and certainly doesn’t line up with the Bible.”

“ONeil Gritton: “This looks 100% like his idea. He coming out the closet 2 years into this marriage.”

“Dale Roberson: “I don’t get it, and I tried to have an open mind….and it slammed shut! Ridiculous!”

“George Mitchell: “Any time some thing is wrong you have to right to be correct whole men do not want to wear dresses.”

“Cornelia Thomas: “Different stroke for different folks. As long as they are happy, no one has the right to judge anyone.”

“David Taylor: “She’ll, always wear the pants. And we don’t want to hear. My wife don’t respect me. You started this slowness.”