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“A woman regrets losing her son to a brain tumor, blaming herself.”



A Nigerian woman named Enitan Akande shared the heartbreaking news that her son passed away due to a brain tumor because she didn’t take her medications regularly during pregnancy.

She shared her story on April 8, 2024, after Dr. Sina advised women planning to get pregnant to start taking Folic acid tablets daily. Enitan expressed deep sorrow and blamed herself for her son’s death, realizing that consistent medication could have prevented his condition.

“Lost this my handsome son because I don’t like taking my routine drugs, I take it once in a while, just hate taking drugs. He had a brain tumor. Now I blame myself for it,” she posted.

Dr. Aina explained that low Folic acid levels in mothers can lead to brain and spinal cord issues in babies. He urged all women, regardless of age, to start taking Folic acid tablets before pregnancy to support baby development.

“Every woman irrespective of her age who wants to get pregnant in the future should start taking Folic acid tablets every day. Folic acid is necessary for the development of the Brain & spinal cord of babies. Don’t wait till you get Pregnant. Start today,” he wrote.

“Tell a sis. A 3-month supply can cost around 500- 1000 naira. Fairly affordable. Babies born to mothers with low Folic acid can have brain problems, malformed brains, and spinal cord problems (see pic) even those born without a brain…(Neural tube defects)”

He emphasized the importance of early action, as waiting until pregnancy may be too late to prevent birth defects. Folic acid tablets are affordable and can significantly reduce the risk of brain and spinal cord problems in newborns.