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Blessing CEO reveals the true cause of infidelity among married women.



Blessing CEO, a controversial relationship therapist, sheds light on why married women often resort to infidelity in their marriages.

She suggests that a significant factor contributing to marital infidelity among women is the lack of seriousness displayed by their husbands.

In many cases, when men fail to secure employment or contribute to financial responsibilities, it may lead to their wives feeling neglected and burdened, eventually leading to unfaithfulness.

Blessing CEO discussed this issue in a recent episode of her TV show, Moments with Blessing CEO, urging men to prioritize securing stable incomes and taking on more responsibilities to prevent their wives from straying.

In her words:

“As a man, you have to get a job. How would you leave responsibilities for a woman for 9 years and you’re expecting her not to sleep around?.”