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“You’re still very young, I will bill you.” – A young man faces criticism after attempting to ask out a fellow 20-year-old girl.



A 20-year-old boy received a reality check from a girl of the same age after expressing interest in starting a relationship with her.

In a circulating video on social media, the boy is confronted with the harsh truth that he needs to prioritize his studies before pursuing romantic endeavors.

The video features a voice note from the girl, who admonishes the boy for attempting to initiate a relationship without having his life in order.

She advises him to focus on his education, emphasizing that they are both young and need to prioritize personal development.

Furthermore, she warns him about her expensive tastes and asserts that he cannot meet her financial expectations at this stage in life.

In her words, ‘You’re still very young, we’re both 20 years old. We cannot be in a relationship. You need to take care of yourself because I am a materialistic person. I have expensive tastes, and I will demand financial support from you. Focus on your studies for now.’

Watch video below:

See some netizen Reactions below :

_iRoyalty_ said: “And she’d turn 30+ tomorrow and start gaslighting men who date girls that are 20. Whereas it’s a transactional relationship, one is looking for sex while the other is looking for money. Two intentional people doing business …”

divfee opined: “Dating is now based on material things, this is a long way frrr.”

Quests_Ans stated: “Two 20 year olds but the boy is the one getting the advice to face his studies, the boy is the one to shamed and schooled.”

Tee_Classiquem1 added: “When this boy finally face his hustle and become rich at 30 plus, this same girl will call him predator when he start dating under 25 girls, they will set the rules and still fight against it when its no longer favorable to them.”

Irunnia_ said: “I see people laughing but i don’t find this funny. A 20 year old is already dating for money. Let that sink in. Nawa oooo!”