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“The matter concerning Mohbad’s son’s DNA is a private family affair and not the concern of the public. However, Wunmi, Mohbad’s widow, must take the necessary steps to address it. ” Mohbad’s mother emphasized



Abosede Adeyemo, the mother of the late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad, has stated that the DNA test requested by her and Mohbad’s father for the late singer’s son, Liam Aloba, is a family matter and not subject to public scrutiny.

In an interview with Punch, Ms. Abosede expressed her perspective, saying,

“I urged him to conduct the DNA test earlier. The DNA issue is not something that concerns Nigerians. It’s a family matter. It was Mohbad’s father who made it public. I insisted on it from the beginning. Mohbad’s father was the one who made it public. Omowunmi is his daughter-in-law, and they had a good relationship before. I don’t understand why he couldn’t respectfully ask her to conduct the DNA test. Did Mohbad deny being the child’s father? When he had the boy, Josy [Mohbad’s father] was the one who said Liam would buy his [Josy’s] coffin. Now he’s calling the same child a bastard. My child is not a bastard.”

Expressing her determination to seek justice for her child, she emphasized that her approach would differ from that of Mohbad’s father.

“Nigerians know the truth. Why should we drag family matters into the pursuit of justice for Mohbad? Was my disagreement with you part of seeking justice for Mohbad? Can’t you see how cruel you are?” she questioned.

She revealed that she had advised Mohbad’s father not to bury him on September 25, believing he was not dead, but her pleas were disregarded.

Addressing Mohbad’s father directly, she expressed concern about his actions affecting Liam’s well-being and questioned his motives.

“How can you, Jose [Mohbad’s father], pose a threat to Liam? Have you forgotten about the afterlife? I pleaded with him to forgive Wunmi [Mohbad’s widow] if she wronged him and resolve the issue at hand. How can a loving father seeking justice for his child behave like this? Jose has forgotten about the afterlife, and we will all eventually join Mohbad someday. He is ruining his life, and I don’t want him to ruin the lives of my other children. Jose is exploiting Mohbad’s death for financial gain, but he will face his consequences soon,” she concluded.

Watch a video of Mohbad’s mother speaking below…