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“Story Behind Name Change to Segun Arinze “. Actor Reveals “



Veteran Nollywood actor Segun Arinze revealed in a recent interview with Biola Bayo on the ‘TalktoB’ podcast that his birth name is Segun Aina. He recounted how he adopted the stage name Segun Arinze during his pursuit of a music career.

Arinze explained that the name transition occurred when he was accidentally introduced as Segun Arinze during a concert in 1991, where he was approached by a representative from Sony Music for a recording contract.

Despite his initial hesitation about the name change, Arinze found himself embracing the moniker as it gained popularity with the release of his album “Dreams.” This marked the official transition from Segun Aina to Segun Arinze in both his musical and acting endeavors.

He said: “I was also singing. In 1991, I was told someone wanted to sign me. ‘We are going to sign you on’. He came from Sony Music. So he called me and I signed the contract. He signed. And then he said ‘Okay we are going to start recording.’

“I went to Ife to do Dramatic Arts. My dad did not like the idea because he wanted me to be a lawyer. At a point in time, I thought he was not going to pay my school fees to go and read drama.

“Then the National Theatre was running an open theatre then… ‘welcome new artiste Segun Arinze’. I said ‘Excuse me sir what is this? I said why are you changing my name? The album came out – ‘Dreams’. Everywhere was ‘Segun Arinze, Segun Arinze. That was how the name got changed from Segun Aina to Segun Arinze in a nutshell.”