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Ruth Kadiri faces criticism for kissing scene in a movie, despite previously stating that she would prefer to quit acting than engage in on-screen kissing.



A Facebook user known as GBoy de Vibrant has raised concerns about actress Ruth Kadiri’s kissing scene in a movie.

Despite Ruth Kadiri’s previous statements expressing her aversion to on-screen romance, particularly kissing scenes, a snippet from the movie “Rude China” contradicts her earlier claims, suggesting that she would not engage in any romantic scenes.

Ruth Kadiri had firmly stated that she would rather quit acting than participate in kissing scenes on screen. This decision, she emphasized, was a deliberate one that did not hinder her from securing acting roles.

However, the movie “Rude China” appears to deviate from her declared stance, as it includes a kissing scene despite her previous statements.

The Facebook user expressed their thoughts, stating:

“Ruth Kadiri once said that she would ‘rather quit acting than kiss in a movie,’ but the movie title ‘Rude China’ suggests otherwise. It seems that her previous statements were just words. However, I understand that some movies require kissing scenes to appear real and emotional.

Ruth had previously stated:

‘I don’t kiss in movies. I used to do that before, but I stopped. It’s a conscious decision I took years ago and since that time, I’ve not died, I’m still getting gigs.’

Despite this, she remains one of the most respectable, private, and disciplined individuals in the industry, and deserves recognition for her contributions.