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“Release Idris, but let Bobrisky stay in custody,” Verydarkman urges the EFCC. ( Video)



Controversial critic Verydarkman continues to taunt embattled lifestyle influencer Bobrisky, currently detained for alleged currency mutilation.

Bobrisky previously mocked Verydarkman during his own detention for cyberbullying.

In a recent video, Verydarkman poked fun at Bobrisky’s situation, playing a segment from an interview with Bobrisky’s attorney discussing the court’s decision to detain him.

After opening a bottle of wine, Verydarkman jokingly suggested that only Bobrisky’s real identity, Idris, should be released, while “Bobrisky” remains in EFCC custody.

The implication behind Verydarkman’s statement is that a first-time offender like Idris shouldn’t be detained for currency mutilation, but Bobrisky, the persona, should remain detained due to his controversial public image.

watch video below: