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Radio host expresses disappointment over the lack of attendance at Bobrisky’s court hearing, despite his previous support for others in similar situations.



OAP Osi Suave reflects on Bobrisky’s court sentencing and notes the absence of support from others.

Bobrisky was sentenced to six months imprisonment following his guilty plea for Naira Notes mutilation.

Despite Bobrisky’s support for other elites and celebrities during their challenges, he was denied the same privilege in court, according to Osi Suave’s post on the microblogging platform X.

Osi Suave concludes that those who supported Bobrisky on social media did so for clout rather than genuine intentions.

Osi Suave highlights that Bobrisky received no courtroom support, despite his past support for others, indicating a lack of genuine support.

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Reactions by netizens below:

ALAWAYEQUDUS said: “Na true o, the lady that used her to promote her movie should be there to give emotional support .”

gafgold noted: “Bro the earlier people know the internet doesn’t send them the better.”

Bodman30 penned: “Oga Osi that’s life for you say, after they use him they’ll now dump him.”

anonymoustobii stated: “Dem no Dey pay am money to show up? Abi nah free? If he sef go pay money people go show up for am for court.”