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Peruzzi challenges Wizkid to call him a “pant washer” directly to his face.



Afrobeat artist Peruzzi challenges his senior counterpart, Wizkid, to repeat the “pant washer” remark to his face, echoing Wizkid’s recent social media post.

Wizkid had previously criticized Peruzzi, accusing him of being Davido’s songwriter and labeling him a “pant washer.”

In response to a Twitter user’s recollection of Wizkid’s statement, questioning why he referred to Peruzzi as a “pant washer,” Peruzzi insinuated that Wizkid wouldn’t have the courage to say it to his face.

“Can he say it to my face though? Just answer,” he replied.

Another user suggested arranging a face-to-face meeting between the two musicians for everyone to witness the confrontation.

Peruzzi responded in Igbo, indicating that people were requesting an unlikely scenario, likening it to seeing the devil in real life and hinting at potential negative outcomes.

He replied, “Ihe Unu Na Cho Bu Ka Nwa Mmadu Fu Ekwensu Na Real Life . “

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