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Nasboi elaborates on why he initially believed Sydney Talker was a yahoo boy. (Video)



Renowned comedian Nasboi recently disclosed that he once mistook fellow comedian Sydney Talker for a cyber fraudster, commonly known as a Yahoo boy, until he observed Sydney’s success in creating skits.

Nasboi shared this revelation during his appearance on the latest episode of the Bants and Boujee podcast.

Initially, Nasboi couldn’t comprehend how Sydney could earn a living solely from making skits, leading him to assume Sydney was involved in illegal activities.

However, upon closer observation and involvement in the industry, Nasboi realized the substantial income potential in creating skits.

Expanding on his point, Nasboi mentioned the misconception surrounding female influencers, with some assuming they earn money by engaging in relationships with wealthy individuals.

He refuted this misconception, emphasizing that many female influencers generate substantial revenue through advertisements and partnerships as brand ambassadors.

watch video below