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Man causes a stir by showing off a popular hairstyle trend.



A Nigerian man in his middle age joins the trend of sporting a popular hairstyle typically associated with women, despite his busy schedule.

A video circulating on social media captures the man proudly displaying his new braided hairstyle, showcasing the intricate local braiding style.

The braided hairstyle gained traction on social media a few weeks ago, initially popular among women before attracting interest from individuals of other genders.

In the viral video, the man showcases the spiral design at the end of each braided hair on his head, adding his unique touch to the style.

The video has generated various reactions on social media, with some expressing surprise and questioning why the man chose to adopt a hairstyle traditionally associated with women.

watch video below:

See some netizen reactions below:

___manofhope said: ‘70years old man, they have left you behind .”

nene_george added: “Throw the whole hair away coz i was sick of it long time ago .”

adepejuruth_cateringservice said: “This one look like enemy of progress .”

billionairegenevieve stated: “Wetin be this kwanu??? Nothing wrong with making your hair but abeg make the one that’s fits you so you don’t discourage others from making it. I mean, if I hadn’t seen this particular hairstyle nicely done on beautiful faces, I would have disliked the hairstyle because of you .”