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Leaked chat involving VeryDarkMan and Bobrisky stirs online buzz.



A leaked conversation involving VeryDarkMan discussing Bobrisky has gone viral online. This follows Bobrisky’s recent sentencing to six months in jail for currency abuse.

Previously, VeryDarkMan had pledged to cross-dress if Bobrisky was not arrested, alleging protection from powerful politicians due to alleged ties.

However, according to ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, cross-dressing itself is not illegal in Nigeria, making arrests challenging.

In a video response on Instagram, VeryDarkMan reiterated his stance and vowed to cross-dress if popular crossdressers like Bobrisky remained free.

Following Bobrisky’s sentencing, a chat allegedly involving VeryDarkMan expressing satisfaction over the detainment surfaced online. He emphasized his motive was to see Bobrisky’s boasted connections challenged.

See the chat below: