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“I’ve Quit Smoking Weed Because of Anxiety; Now I Only Smoke Cigarettes,” Bella Shmurda says. ( video)



Nigerian singer Bella Shmurda has once again emphasized that his struggle with anxiety led to his decision to quit smoking weed.

In a previous interview with the UK’s “In My Opinion” podcast, Bella was asked to share a surprising personal detail about himself.

He revealed that he used to smoke weed but had to give it up due to anxiety and concerns about the future.

Bella reiterated that he made the decision to quit smoking weed three years ago because it greatly affected him.

Smoking weed made him feel disconnected from himself and hindered his ability to engage in meaningful conversations without feeling agitated.

Reflecting on his past, Bella recalled spending a significant amount of money on weed. He expressed that quitting weed was one of the best decisions he ever made, as it brought him a sense of relief. Now, he relies on cigarettes and alcohol to cope instead.

watch video below..