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Delta State Governor’s Aide Applauds Marie’s Modest Attire saying “This is how a good wife or future wife should dress” 



In a recent social media post, Ossai Ovie Success, an aide to the Delta State governor, Sheriff Oborevwori, took to Facebook to commend the attire of Marie Wiseborn, the wife of gospel singer Moses Bliss.

The couple, who recently tied the knot, attended an event where Marie’s choice of clothing captured attention and sparked admiration.

Marie opted for a simple yet elegant ensemble, donning a purple dress paired with a yellow scarf tied around her head as she addressed a congregation in a church in Akwa Ibom, Cross River state.

Ossai, a known commentator on social media platforms, couldn’t help but express his approval of Marie’s modest attire, holding her up as an example for other women to emulate.

In his post, Ossai praised Marie’s outfit and suggested that her manner of dressing exemplifies the qualities of a good wife or future wife.

He went further to imply that women who dress in a manner that exposes their bodies are not suitable candidates for marriage, advocating for modesty as a desirable trait in a spouse.

He posted photos of Moses Bliss and his wife with the caption,

“This is how a good wife or future wife should dress .
I love this particular dressing of Mrs Moses Bliss unlike the other day she arrived Akwa Ibom .
Any girl that dress in way of exposing any part of her body isn’t fit to be a wife.”

see his post below…

Accompanying his commentary were photos of Moses Bliss and his wife, showcasing Marie’s tasteful attire.

Ossai’s message resonated with many online users, sparking discussions about the importance of modesty and respectability in personal presentation, especially within the context of marriage.

Marie’s choice of attire serves as a reminder of the timeless virtue of modesty and its significance in various aspects of life, including relationships and societal perceptions.

It highlights the importance of dressing with dignity and decorum, reflecting values that resonate across cultures and generations.