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“Davido Denies Reports of Arrest in Uganda”



Nigerian Singer Davido Clears the Air on Alleged Arrest in Uganda

David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has refuted claims of his arrest in Uganda following his concert there. The renowned singer, currently on a world tour, recently concluded successful shows in East African countries, including Uganda and Kenya.

Despite rumors circulating after his performance in Uganda on April 1st, alleging his apprehension by the police, Davido swiftly responded, labeling the reports as false.

In his statement, Davido asserted that he would take legal action against those spreading the unfounded rumors, regardless of their assertion that it was an ‘April Fools’ joke.

Additionally, he clarified that he has never faced arrest by law enforcement agencies anywhere in the world.

Read his statement below,

Fam, it has come to my attention that false reports regarding an arrest circulated online on April 1st, which has since led to a barrage of calls. I want to assure my fans that these reports are entirely untrue. I successfully completed my scheduled shows in Uganda and Kenya and have since returned home to Nigeria.
I’d also like to note that I have never been arrested by anyone in any country for any crime in the world. Not my home Nigeria, my home America, or any of the hundreds of countries l’ve made home throughout my career.
I find the fabrication of allegations of such international crimes extremely irresponsible regardless of the light of
‘April Fools’, and my lawyer is seeking legal recourse against the media parties responsible for generating this misinfor-mation.
Thank you for your continued support. Our blessings are from God. I love you all.

see his post below….