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“After regaining his freedom, VeryDarkMan boasts, ‘When you come for me, you are the victim,’ showcasing his confidence.”



VeryDarkMan, the controversial activist, proudly celebrates his release from detention, issuing a stern message to those responsible for his arrest.

After being arrested on March 22, VeryDarkMan was freed on Easter Sunday, marking his return with a new video.

In the video, dressed in a traditional northern agbada, he extends Ramadan greetings to his Muslim supporters.

He boldly asserts that anyone who comes after him becomes the victim, while he remains undefeated in his pursuits.

Bravely, he highlights the coincidence of his release on the same day as Jesus Christ’s resurrection, questioning the rarity of police releases on Sundays.

See netizens reactions below:

BIG SHABZ wrote: “Chimoooooooooo we don enter am today”

Ada Oba said: “Make he rest ,the next time they lock him up he won’t be so lucky”

Rossie said: “Omo this guy isn’t backing down o it looks like he’s ready to set ring light more times sef”

Ayomiepat_ wrote: “If you like become Nelson Mandela tomorrow, that small suffer wey touch you wey make your muscle deflate in one week cannot be erased.”