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“A woman runs into her ex-boyfriend, who looks better after their breakup.”



A woman shares her surprising encounter with her ex-boyfriend, who looks happier and wealthier after leaving her for a Caucasian woman.

She recalls how their relationship abruptly ended when he stopped communicating with her and later revealed he was dating someone else.

Despite feeling hurt, she moved on.

However, when she saw him again, she was shocked by his improved appearance and apparent wealth. She reflects on how life doesn’t always follow the script of movies, where the ex always suffers after a breakup.

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mr.agugua remarked: “God bless her soul. With this type of positive mindset God go send you your own correct man come make e change your life too ”

aduolawale commented: “Ex girlfriend like this deserve pension
I even like the maturity with which she handled it”

frankigh1 stated: “You have a positive spirit, God go send you your own man wey go change your life also” penned: “You have a positive spirit. Your man is on his way to you.” added: “You have a positive spirit. Your man is on his way to you.”