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A lady expresses joy as Davido supports her guinea fowl business.



Renowned Nigerian Afrobeats sensation Davido brought immense joy to a female fan by supporting her guinea fowl business.

Yesterday afternoon, Davido took to his verified X account to express his craving for guinea fowl, stating, “I need Guinea fowl rn so bad.”

This simple tweet sparked a flurry of responses, with vendors quickly offering their services in the comment section.

One of these vendors, “GUINEAFOWL-BY-AMORI,” capitalized on the opportunity by sharing photos and videos of her guinea fowl business, urging followers to tag Davido.

The vendor’s post gained significant traction, eventually catching Davido’s attention.

True to his word, Davido visited the guinea pig farm, even taking pictures with the vendor.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, the vendor took to social media to thank Davido, referring to him as the “Bestest Idolod.

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